Armstrong Private Client has joined the Certainty National Wills Register

It is a regrettable fact that most people (67% in a recent survey) do not know where to locate their parents’ Wills. Often this is due to the passage of time, moving house, a change in solicitor or new relationships. The Certainty National Wills Register has been set up to help locate Wills that might otherwise be lost.  The register (which is only available to solicitors and to cients who have made their Wills with a solicitor) is an online database that records the Wills current location.

Registering with Certainty is completely safe and private, as the register records only the location of the Will and not the contents of the document itself.

If we are holding your Will, it is of course 100% safe.  However, just in case your friends and family do not know that we are holding it, we can now register that fact with Certainty.

How Do I Register?

Simply call, write or click on the ‘contact us’ form to request that we register your Will.